Use SC Points

Fly to higher altitudes of happiness. As many ways to redeem SC Points as there are to earn - keep exploring. Every SC point converts to 50 paise.

Book Flights

Book flights using SC Points. Save money.

There's more. Enjoy zero convenience fee if you use your SC Points to book flights. Did you just smile?

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Upgrade to SpiceMax

Book a flight. Upgrade to SpiceMax using SC Points. Enjoy.

Use SC Points to elevate your flying experience with upgrade to SpiceMax. Enjoy comfortable leg room, complimentary meals and beverages, free priority check-in & priority boarding and bag-out first.

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Select Preferred Seats

Select seat. Book using SC Points. Enjoy.

Long or short, a flight journey should be comfortable. Choose and reserve your seats using your SC Points.

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Hot Meals

Select favourite meal. Book using SC Points. Enjoy.

Steaming hot meals as per your preference. Even on a flight. Now you can use your SC Points to pre-book your favourite meals and have them served on board.

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Add more to your flying experience.

The benefits of being a SpiceClub member don't stop with a superlative flying experience. To widen your smile, we have a variety of other services for you to avail with your SC Points. Take your pick.

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